About Amy Liz

 I have always been a highly sensitive and intuitive person, connected with people effortlessly, and was super curious about how I was able to sense energy and “know things”.

My sensitivity is attributed to my being highly observant, thoughtful, compassionate, empathetic, loyal, and creative. Conversely, along with childhood trauma, it attributed to codependence, lack of boundaries and anxiety.

I often didn’t know where I ended and others began. As I embarked on my healing journey, I started to understand, manage and embody my gift of sensitivity. Time and again I was told by my gifted healers that I should be in the Healing Arts. Eventually, I started to believe them. 

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I am a certified Wayfinder Life Coach and an Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner. I have been studying and practicing energy-based modalities for over 20 years including Healing Touch, Psych-K, Chios Healing and most recently completed Martha Beck’s* Wayfinder Life Coach Training Program.

I have a versatile professional background, including a 19 year career in the finance industry. My intuition, life experience, and personal success with overcoming adversity and trauma allows me to genuinely connect with my clients.



*Martha Beck, PhD from Harvard University, is a world-renowned life coach, New York Times Best Selling Author and monthly columnist for O the Oprah Magazine. 



My work focuses heavily on limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your full potential. One of the tools I use is applied kinesiology (also known as energy testing, a form of biofeedback) to identify limiting subconscious beliefs and energetic imbalances.

Once identified, I explore where the limiting belief originated and uncover contributing trapped emotions and energetic imbalances so you can work to reframe your beliefs. I believe we are all powerful creators and when your beliefs are aligned with the things you wish to create in your life, you make space for positive change.

As my teacher and mentor Martha Beck says, “No part of your experience is ever wasted. Everything you have experienced so far is part of what you were meant to learn.” I would love to teach you what I’ve learned!

My joys and passions …

Being a Momma to two children (now adults), nature, hiking, dancing, reading, singing, cooking, solo adventures, neighborhood walks, photography,  podcasts, live music and theatre. 

Contact me at amylizbiz@gmail.com