Testimonials ...

“I had several Body Code sessions with Amy. During these few weeks Amy has patiently worked on my condition removing misalignment, heart-wall, trapped emotions and limiting beliefs. After each meeting I was more calm, joyful and smiling to my reflection in the mirror. The severity of the condition changed from 10 to 1. Amy was always very positive, empowering and actively tuning in to my needs. I recommend sessions with her as she always leaves you with an affirmation, food for thought or additional resources to follow.”

Justyna G.

“I had the pleasure of working with Amy she is truly amazing, and was able to clear my heart wall.”

Jolie P.

“Most powerful for me were the soul messages and the questions and intentions you provided. All of those were really spot on. With the questions I was able to journal and get right to the heart of the matter with myself, and with the mantras and intentions they were somehow exactly what I needed to hear. I now use these mantras and intentions in the mornings during my short meditation practice. Thank you for providing me with some very relevant raw material to use during my healing process.”


“She has a great grasp on revealing energies that may be limiting. In addition, she is able to find limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from healing yourself. She is a great wonderful person and really understands the way of energy. She will help you and you will be grateful! Contact her now she’s amazing!”

Roman R.

“I have had 3 body code sessions with Amy Liz and I am so grateful for that opportunity. I was dealing with insomnia for the last 5 years and after the 1st session I was able to sleep like a baby and wake up fresh with no more feeling ” I need another coffee”… 🙂 while using an expanded approach of subconscious mind change and subconscious shift questions, Amy has had a huge impact on my transformation process. I have shifted my vibes and my consciousness level expanded. I highly recommend Amy to everyone who is willing to work on themself … Thank you Amy for your assistance. You have inspired me and I know you will help a lot of people when practicing as a certified emotion code and the body code practitioner. Wish you all the  best.”

Katarina S.

“Amy Liz is very adept at what she does and her advice is spot on and easy to put into practice. She has been honing her skills for quite a while. I’m grateful for her advice and honesty.”

Janet D.