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Area Of Life Consultation

$45 Introductory Offer $30

Amy Liz will test your energetic levels in the 9 areas of life. A one on one conversation about the results will include your score in each area, what area(s) are recommended to be focused on for the week, as well as subconscious shift questions, limiting beliefs to work on, an inspirational message and affirmation(s) to integrate. There will be time to answer any questions and to dive deeper into the results.


Emotion Code & Body Code

45 minute Session

Sessions are performed via proxy (phone or video call). Using Body Code charts and applied kinesiology (muscle testing) imbalances are identified and released.  


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"I had several Body Code sessions with Amy. During these few weeks Amy has patiently worked on my condition removing misalignment, heart-wall, trapped emotions and limiting beliefs. After each meeting I was more calm, joyful and smiling to my reflection in the mirror. The severity of the condition changed from 10 to 1. Amy was always very positive, empowering and actively tuning in to my needs. I recommend sessions with her as she always leaves you with an affirmation, food for thought or additional resources to follow."
Justyna G.